What the Hell?

So he booked his session with me a week in advance. We chatted on the phone for over 40 mins to get to know each other. His only reference cleared. We did not agree on a time to meet because I did not get to my hotel until 9:30 pm. The next day I was already booked solid. We finally made a date for the last day I was here. He showed a half hour early, not a problem, I was ready. He said he was a mile away so I gave him my room number, rather than to have him call again when he gets here. I was trying to give him approximate directions to my room, then he asked if this was a set up? Because I was being so nice. What an idiot. He gets to my room. I offer him a bottle of water. We chatted briefly about the video that his reference had up on You Tube. I went to look it up. Then he immediately starts to haggle me? When I told him that my website clearly states that is not allowed or appropriate behavior, he says just kidding. STRIKE ONE!

Then he NEVER left the donation...STRIKE TWO!

He then pretends to get a phone call about his cousin getting in an accident about 3 miles down the road and excuses himself. But before leaving asking if he can come back. (Which he had no intentions of doing nor leaving a donation). I told him just go take care of your emergency and get back to me. I saw him leave the front of the Hotel and get in his car and leave.  STRIKE 3 PAL...YOUR OUT!

I then sent him a text saying please do not return and please NEVER call me again…

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Welcome to My Blog

Hello darlings,

Welcome to my blog! Keep reading to get the inside scoop on my life as an independent escort. I'll be posting regularly, so check back often to learn more about me.

Briana Star
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